Getting Started

Supported Platforms

LSQUIC compiles and runs on Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS. It has been tested on i386, x86_64, as well as Raspberry Pi.

Windows support is on the TODO list.


LSQUIC library uses:

The accompanying demo command-line tools use libevent.

What’s in the box

  • src/liblsquic – the library
  • test – demo client and server programs
  • test/unittests – unit tests


To build the library, follow instructions in the README file.

Demo Examples

Fetch Google home page:

./http_client -s -p / -o version=Q050

Run your own server (it does not touch the filesystem, don’t worry):

./http_server -c,fullchain.pem,privkey.pem -s

Grab a page from your server:

./http_client -H -s -p /

You can play with various options, of which there are many. Use the -h command-line flag to see them.

Next steps

If you want to use LSQUIC in your program, check out the Tutorial and the API Reference.

Internals covers some library internals.